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Welcome to Spatial Cognition Lab.! We explore several topics related ​to Spatial Cognition and cognitive processes involved in this ability across the lifespan focusing on the external and internal factors who affects spatial orientation.

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It is now online the article: “The Effects of Multidisciplinary Intensive Rehabilitation on Cognitive and Executive Functions in Parkinson’s Disease: A Clinical Database Analysis” by Ivana Baldassarre, Rossella Rotondo, Laura Piccardi, Lorenza Leonardi, Danilo Lanni, Maria Gaglione, Fabrizio Stocchi, Massimo Fini, Michela Goffredo, Elvira Padua, and Maria Francesca De Pandis published in Journal of Clinical […]
It is now online the review article: “Measuring spatial navigation during locomotion in children: A systematic review” by Nuria Martín-Pozuelo, Lidia Carballo Costa, Marina Solís-García, Marco Giancola, Laura Piccardi, Isabel De las Cuevas-Teràn, and Verònica Robles-García, published in Heliyon. This article aims to describe the role of locomotion during the assessment of spatial navigation in […]
The editorial "The Contribution of Internal and External Factors to Human Spatial Navigation" by Laura Piccardi, Raffaella Nori, Jose Manuel Cimadevilla, and Maria Kozhevnikov in Brain Sciences is now available online. Spatial navigation involves various cognitive processes such as memory, attention, spatial updating, mental planning, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, internal and external factors like age, […]


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